Stock Technical Analysis

Stock Technical Analysis

Are you lacking proper breakthrough to a thorough technical analysis of stock charts or need an in-depth visual representation of what is likely to happen in the market in the future, take help of stock technical analysis. We are here to help you out with the forecasting of future price movements. So, no more of being skeptical whether to buy, hold or sell a stock. Our virtual financial analysts dig deeper into the insights of demand and supply forces to help you make a financially sound investment. 

Key Service Features:

  1. Quantitative analysis
  2. Creation of price charts
  3. Trendlines
  4. Candlestick formations
  5. Mathematical visualization
  6. Chart patterns and technical statistical indicators
  7. Entry and exit points for potential trades
  8. Preparation of real-time and intraday charts for all the major market indices
  9. Live market map

How our virtual assistant can help you?

  1. Evaluate the history of stock prices/ market data
  2. Assess demand & supply forces
  3. Analyze stock charts to showcase proper price charts
  4. Scrutiny the Support and Resistance Levels
  5. Strengthen your Time Entry Points
  6. Depict investor sentiment
  7. Predict future events

Key Benefits of our service:

  • Team of analyst with specialized degree holders like CFA, CA,
  • Timely delivery of your projects
  • 24/7 support via email and phone
  • Hourly or Full Time Model VA
  • Flat hourly rate $10/hour
  • No minimum hour commitment
  • Face to face visual interview with your virtual assistant

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