Equity Research Services

Equity Research Services

Equity research report provides in-depth information on a particular stock/company with regards to investment module, strategy, class and asset allocation. It also provides entry and exit strategy on investment.

So, if you are tired of the erratic stock market fluctuations, you need to take help from Equity Research Analyst and Financial Analysts to be able to cope up with this delirious aspect of business. Our Equity research professionals are responsible for producing analysis, recommendations and reports on investment opportunities that investment banks, institutions or companies may be interested in.

Hire professional virtual assistants who are adept in valuation and will enhance your revenue generation through accurate recommendations suggesting whether to buy, sell or hold a transaction or security.

List of Services:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Sector Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Screeners and trackers
  • Coverage Maintenance
  • Company and sector research
  • DCF, WACC analysis
  • Earnings Forecast
  • Segment analysis
  • 10K, 10Q Data analysis
  • Portfolio Analysis

How our virtual assistant can help you?

  • Analyze company’s financials and performing ratios
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative equity research on companies
  • Ongoing research maintenance including updating research reports, models, valuations and forecasts
  • Making buy side / sell side stock investment recommendations
  • Create valuation model using techniques like DCF, relative, sum of parts, etc
  • Compare the company’s fair value with market price
  • Track economic aspects like GDP, growth rates, market size and competitors
  • Analyze stock news and events

Key Benefits of our service:

  1. Use of proprietary valuation tool
  2. Unbiased research without any underlying conflicts of interest
  3. Serving both buy-side and sell-side firms in different industries and locations
  4. 24/7 support via email and phone
  5. Hourly or Full Time Model VA
  6. Transparent pricing. Flat hourly rate $12/hour
  7. No minimum hour commitment
  8. Face to face visual interview with your virtual assistant

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