Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Our cloud infrastructure management services help you to set up, manage, and scale performance in any public cloud infrastructure. Virtuallytics team can manage cloud setup in AWS, Digitalocean, Microsoft Azure or alike to monitoring health, performance and security risk.

Our service includes setup, deployment, configuration, cost optimization and security of any cloud infrastructure.

Key Services Features:

  • Set up your app in the cloud
  • Design and configuration of your cloud infrastructure for optimum performance and cost optimization
  • Install Software as required
  • Continuous monitoring and preventing of security threat
  • Backup and disaster recovery

Why us?

  • Our expert team, who has expertise in different cloud IaaS providers.
  • Best design and configuration for cost minimization
  • Increasing the performance of your cloud infrastructure
  • Monitoring your hardware health and usage
  • Protect from the risk of hacking

How we can help you?

  • Help to design and implement an integrated cloud solution
  • Offer a range of application, database, server, storage and network-level cloud services
  • Enables end-to-end management for hybrid cloud infrastructure for deployment
  • Offers multi-Cloud Advisory & adoption services
  • Provides data protection and disaster recovery

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