Data Appending Services

Why do you need to hire a Data Appending specialist with Virtuallytics?

Before taking a plunge into the contrivance of your business-to-business, you need to perceive in-depth the significance of your business data. According to the 2018 Database Strategies & Contact Acquisition Benchmark Survey, around 85% of B2B marketers are stumbling with their data acquisition strategy today, where they have still failed to acquire a firm ground. In 2017, the percentage of data acquisition plan that doesn’t work at all was around 4% which escalated to nearly 10% in 2019. Combining the results of a sundry other surveys, what we have fetched as a result, causing hindrance for majority of b2b marketers today is as follows:

  • Data is old/outdated — 70%
  • Don’t have time/resources to implement an effective process — 60%
  • Don’t have a standard operation procedure for marketing/sales teams to keep data up to date — 55% 
  • Not enough data on current customers — 41% 
  • Data is siloed — 32% 
  • Legacy technology issues/limitations — 28% 
  • Other — 6%

The best Data Appending services can initiate a succession of events that provide impactful upshot in your business. Virtuallytics has a distinct provision for this service. We do entail all the industry veterans in our team with all the relevant expertise. Please visit our website page to gain some more knowledge and find out what is best suited for you. 

By taking the help of data appending, you are introducing a number of dimensions to your venture. Like: 

  1. Understanding Your Customers or Prospects  suppose you have an elongated list of email which entails unknown contacts,  from  where  you  want  to  find  out  the  actual purpose and identity, then email appending stands to be your absolute resolute. This enhances the process of you building and maintaining a human to human at the individual level (360 degree view). 
  2. Email Marketing - data appending provides great help in enriching and augmenting your email list, consequently affecting your email marketing scheme in a good way.
  3. Social Media Engagement indulging in social append helps you to engage with the people concerned with your CRM at places where they care about. You must be leveraging from this opportunity to enforce your brand awareness and brand reputation. Also fuel the ongoing engagement so that when they choose to buy they come to you only.

Indirectly it leads to the following advantages:-

  • Customer Data Analytics- this is very significant in knowing that who is buying from you. Data appending service enhances this process. 
  • Building Ideal Customer Persona- building an ideal customer persona actually helps you to know that who the ones actually making the purchase from you. You get in your mind a definite frame of a typical customer base and understand better who will bring the progress in your business.
  • Customer Support – nowadays, building a strong customer support stands effectual to your business. 
  • Building Relationships – like already aforesaid, data appending provides you with your valuable customer deets. That is why it reinforces your customer-bond as well.

In order to put a light on the matter, we shall first know and understand the core of the same. We help you to append missing data information from your consumer database and deliver a clean and updated data for your marketing campaign. Let us go through below, some of the most widely asked questions apropos the data appending service. Virtuallytics has tried to answer them in their own way.

What is data appending service?

Data appending service refers to the process of filling the missing information regarding your customers or prospects database, or it simply represents the replacement of obsolete data with present one.In today’s world Data decay is happening at a very high speed every year. Therefore, every successful campaign demands for database hygiene. 

Facts that you should be knowing:-

  1. More than 30% of the people change their employer company annually
  2. 65%+ of the people change their Job titles annually
  3. More than 40% of the campaign fails due to bad data
  4. 35% of businesses have no strategy to update their data

Data Appending services come with a variety of other benefits too:-

  • Successful lead generation and marketing campaign at minimum cost.
  • More data means better understanding of customers and formation of ideal buyer persona.
  • Multichannel Marketing campaign at same time.
  • Takes Data segmentation to a new level.

After our Data appending service cycle (Data Segmentation-> Identification of incorrect & obsolete data-> Replacement with accurate one-> Appending missing & new information->Data verification & validation Test-> Final Authentication) database looks like

Our Experienced Virtual Assistants help you to enrich your database with the following:-

  • Demographic Append- Detailed consumer demographics such as age, income, marital status, hobbies, buying behaviors, etc.
  • Firmographic Append-  Physical Address, Latitude/Longitude, Website/URL, Telephone Numbers, Fax Numbers, Email Address, Legal Status, Year Started, Staff Count, Employees at Specific Location, Revenue, Stock Ticker Symbol, Executive Contact Info, NAICS Code, SIC Code, DUNS Number etc.
  • B2B Email Append
  • B2C Email Append
  • Consumer & Business Phone Append
  • Direct Phone Append
  • Reverse Phone Append
  • LinkedIn Link Append
  • Social Profile Append
  • Full Contact Append

If you have a large list, don’t worry, we also automate data appending process for the most cost-effective solution in rapid turnaround time.

What are the current most sought after social media data append services?

Social media data append services has become an integral part of all  multi-channel marketing campaigns today. Its more effective than traditional forms of direct marketing for connecting with customers and prospects through social networks, brand awareness, engagement etc. Having access to their social profiles, analyzing their unique needs and interests, making personal connections with them, and closing deals quicker, all these facilities have now helped the marketers get a better insight into their prospect’s life. 

Social Media Appending Benefits:-

  • Postage and printing costs for marketing will be reduced.
  • Engage customers through social media of your choosing.
  • Updating single-channel customers to valuable multi-channel customers

As you can see the benefits of social media marketing is a great addition to marketing campaigns. Our expert virtual assistant can help you achieve the maximum of a social media marketing campaign. We can append your current database of contacts with required social links & other data from 20 social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

What are the benefits of data appending services?

  1. Unknown market sources & channels would now all be open to you
  2. You can now get hold of all your missing information – like emails.
  3. Gaps in the data as well as faulty data would be filled and replaced.
  4. Cost effectiveness would be enhanced.
  5. Cleaner Information
  6. Reduce Waste
  7. More Information
  8. Segmentation Improvement
  9. Keeping Cost Down

Virtuallytics: We provide hourly or full time Virtual Assistants who are expertise in Email Appending for any customized work. Our pre-defined & fixed price Email Appending jobs are also popular among marketers.