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Web Designing and Development: Facts, Tools, Necessity & Us

In the old days of websites when someone started a business or just anything, an idea about a website was simply created and then voila! Copied, again and again, creating a monotonous chain of websites that just stared back at you with its boring background and similar repetitive content. Web designers had no other jobs; there was no innovative idea, no designing strategies. But over time users started to express their desires to get out of these static websites. People desired variety, dynamic view of sites and this desire became a necessity. And hence came innovation. Designing websites became a top priority for operators to meet the expectations of the user. At present market is too competitive to stay dormant in case of web designing. So, you must keep on designing and developing your websites to attract traffic.

What is Web Designing?

Web designing typically refers to the designed that appears on the internet and your screen. This is not related to software development; rather focuses on the user experience aspect. The appearance of a website is many targets of website designing and development, such as color, font, images used, layout, etc. Web designing nowadays is not that difficult as it used to be in its beginning days. The result of the web designer’s work is a website, if the site wins the targeted audience and draws sufficient amount of traffic, removing the possibility of disappointment in users and graining their interest, then it can be said that the design is a success.

Web Design

Language and tools of web designing:

Web Designing requires programming language to operate. Many such programming languages can be used in Web Designing and Development.

  • C and C++ both are old school languages. C is the most widely used language that offers building platforms for other languages like java, python, etc. While C++ is a well used technical language, with extensive libraries, used in most of the general purposes.
  • Java-Built around three decades ago in the year 1990, yet most in demand. The best feature in Java is that it can work on any platform; it is an object-based very versatile language to work with.
  • Hypertext Markup Language popularly known as HTML is the language of the browsers along with Cascading Style Sheet or CSS which make their appearance stunning and attractive. While JavaScript is the front end language that is used for creating apps, games and creating websites.
  • Python is new around other programming languages, popularly used as a back end language. It is easy to learn and a very dynamic all-purpose language.
  • There are many more languages that are used for programming. A few examples are simple and superfast Ruby, SQL, and PHP, etc.
  • Besides programming languages, web designers need Code and Text editors, web application framework, front end framework, package managers, Git clients, API tools and many other tools to create a perfect frame for the website designing 
  • For web designers to work smoothly, fast and efficiently they must choose a code and text editor. There any many of them available these days, such as Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Code Studio, Notepad++, etc.

Text Editors

  • Web application frameworks are like software libraries that are designed to help designers to build web services. Django is one of the most popular web application frameworks available. A few others are Angular, ReactJS, ASP.NET, etc.
  • Front end frameworks are combined pre-written standardized codes help you in building websites, these are also known as CSS frameworks. Bootstrap, Foundation, Materialize, etc are some front end frameworks.
  • To make the process of installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing computer programs automatic web designers need package managers such as Yarn, NPM.
  • There are some available Git GUI for different operating systems such as Github Desktop, Gitkraken, Gitcola, etc.
  • Web Designing cannot be completed without its crucial part that it the Web API. Some API tools are Postman, REST-Assured, etc.

Facts for Web designing:

There are a lot of aspects and information that is to be kept in mind while developing a website.

  • Human attention span has decreased in the last two decades from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, so websites must be designed in a way so it can grab the attention of the user quicker than before.
  • Video can play a key role in your website as 73% of the visitors get too much influence from videos.

Web Design Video

  • Audiences form an opinion in less than a second.
  • Company contact info can play a crucial part in web designing. 44% of users think it is important.
  • Most users acknowledged that they judge the company’s credibility by the design of their website.
  • Consumer reviews also influence greatly to grab the attention of the users.
  • Getting traffic from search engines is a great idea and there are many ways to optimize it.
  • Demographics are different, as the website appears differently in different browsers or devices. Designers must create the site so it can function clearly in all devices and browsers.
  • Forms are boring, lists are better in attracting traffic than paragraphs.
  • Information about the product on the homepage is a bonus.

And so on. Many other facts can make a successful web design.

Why is Web Designing important?

Web design plays a key role in a successful business profile.

  1. It makes the first impression.
  2. It attracts traffic and helps your viewers to find what they are looking for.
  3. SEO strategies can be greatly optimized with their help.
  4. Graining the trust of the audience must be the primary goal of any business. A proper and perfect website can be the door to reach your targeted audience.
  5. Websites give the viewers the primary ideas of the customer services your business provides. Good web design can bring them to you.
  6. Always remember your competitors are also performing the same task. Hire a professional web designer to stay one step ahead of them.
  7. Keeping your site consistent and updated is performed by web designing.

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