Logo Design

Logo Designing – An important element of your business!

Every human being has an identity right? For instance, your name, age, nationality, profession - all these stands highly significant in how people apprehend you. You get recognized, positively or negatively (on certain provisions) based on these factors. Akin to that, your business also needs a definite identity. The particular element that provides your business with that identity is a logo. Yes a logo stands as the company’s official identity presented on various platforms for promoting their business effectively. The uses of a logo are not limited in the market, from social media apps to ecommerce shopping sites, today’s television channels, to specific merchandise brands - all of them are recognized with their logos. Basically, the business logo is the medium through which the idea and real motive behind your offerings is conveyed to your target audience.Your logo acts as the front face of your company. Now let us learn some more facts about the same.

“A good design is a good business” – Thomas Watson Jr.

Why is logo design important?

Besides imposing several benefits on your business, a logo plays the important role of strengthening your brand visibility too. It extends your overall audience reach beyond limits. Below are some major beneficial points stated regarding logo designing:-

  1. Build brand visibility
  2. To represent company
  3. Promote product & services
  4. Attract target audience
  5. Grow business among competitors
  6. Symbolizing your company
  7. Expressing the brands values & beliefs 
  8. Boosting brand loyalty
  9. Engaging & increasing audience activity

The most important point to keep in mind is, a logo distinguishes your company from your contemporaries in the market. Other companies who might be offering similar services to the same group of target audience. So this is where a brand logo comes into play. It establishes your uniqueness in the market. At Virtuallytics, we do have a team of specialised professional logo designers who will build attracting logos for your company. Those willleave a long-lasting impression on your target audience, at the very first glance.

Who are the best logo designers working today?

Today, there are more than a million companies worldwide that are helming this service towards the path of success since a decade now. Be it a small-scale start-up or a giant corporation, outsourcing logo designing activities has become a common thing these days. Businesses are gaining more ROI from it, which is consequently improving their overall performance.

Till 2019, the top Logo designers in the market are:-

  1. Virtuallytics
  2. Lucas Marc Design
  3. Lien design
  4. Web Sharx
  5. Web Design Sun
  6. Twingenuity Graphics
  7. Little Dragon Media
  8. Cloudfusion
  9. Sara Rankin
  10. Sunlight Media

Virtuallytics have a professional logo designing teamwho will understand what is most required for your trade; our team will look after your criteria, and represent the true ambience and feel of your brand through various elements like Simplicity, Relevance, Versatility, Uniqueness and Memorable – the five essential elements of logo making.

What makes a great logo design?

Ideation is first of all the most important. Secondly, your originality or authencity has also got a big role to play behind the public acceptance of your brand/ brand logo. One great logo conveys hundreds of ideas. Is represents the fusion of a great creativity and great execution of latest technologies.How much you can intrigue your target audience to your brand’s offerings through the just a logo, is your creditability. Your logo must contain all the required elements and information that does full justice to your purpose. Now, it’s you who have to understand those elements, the magnitude & areas they are required in and their application. Only the correct proportion of all these, makes your logo design – a great one.

Characteristics of a great logo:

  • Unique & professional
  • Simple
  • Visually appealing & attractive to the target audience
  • Scalable
  • Memorable / Impactful
  • Relevant

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes; designing is knowing which one to keep” – Scott Adams.

Where can I get a quality logo design?

At Virtuallytics, yes here you will get a quality logo furnished for your company. We do have the reputation of serving our clients with logos that helped their business grow. 

“We outsourced operations to the company(virtuallytics),to prepare a logo for our upcoming clothing line in Hawaii, Florida and Illinois. We are astonished by the quality, and calibre of work provided!  Everything was pin-point and well acquainted to our elaboration…. On behalf of our entire team, we wish the Virtuallytics, the best for their future; we are willing to work with them again & again…” – A leading garment brand in the United States.

Quality logos are:-

  • Unique & professional
  • Visually appealing & attract target audience
  • Convey organization’s values and visions successfully.
  • Immediately recognizable, simple & memorable.
  • Perfect blend of font, colour, shapes & other graphical elements.

Virtuallytics have a team of most skilful logo designers who can create a logo as per your belief. We gather a fair understanding of the requirements of our clients before starting theactualdesigning task.

Key Benefits of our service:

  1. 24/7 support via email and phone
  2. Hourly or Full Time Model VA
  3. Flat hourly rate $10/hour or Fixed Price Logo Design
  4. No minimum hour commitment
  5. Face to face visual interview with your virtual assistant

About Virtuallytics:-

Preparatory to your business endeavour, furnishing an extraordinary logo shall be your first and foremost requisite. That is not only the very first element that your audience is going to see, remember and approach you for; but also the element that will bind your brand and its target audience throughout. So far our team has helped over hundreds of companies to create brand identity in different countries across the world & won several logo design contest in different categories. To know more about virtuallytics Logo Design Services check now.