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Lead Generation Effective Tools & Tactics

When you are on the verge of building up your business, plenty of activities might stand more significant to you other than marketing. It matters in marketing departments, especially when you have a very small number of people in your team. Being a novice in this, you might not be able to carry out the various activities associated, like graphics, content in various languages, because honestly, you don’t know how to execute it. As a matter of fact, a fat budget or a tandem of professionals are not the prerequisites for creating a good marketing content, by leveraging from smart marketing tactics and taking advantage of affordable resources, you will be very much capable of creating mind-blowing content that will gain you all – business, audience, exposure, etc.  All you need to know about are the tools and tactics required, Virtuallytics has brought them here for you. 

Best lead generation tools:

1. HubSpot: Are you into inbound marketing? Willing to increase your sales? Then HubSpot is for you! Yes, it is a developer and marketer of software products. Founded in June 2006, HubSpot has got provision for Search engine optimization, web analytics, product analytics, social media marketing, content management and what not!


2. Intercom: Founded in 2011 in California, this American software company produces and delivers a messaging platform for businesses to communicate with prospective and existing customers, through mobile apps, websites, emails, social media channels and what not! Its inner mechanism enables you to track and filter customer data. It makes the process of you reaching out to your target customer, much easier.


3. Quora: When it comes to lead generation for your business, the main criteria is interacting with your potential clients and keeping them engaged for as long as you can. So what can be a better option for this than Quora? yes, this American website, founded by Adam D’ Angelo in 2009 serves as an open-ended platform for users to ask & answer questions apropos any field, any topic or subject. We are not proposing the fact that whatever answer or information you get to see on Quora is 100% authentic and reliable, but rather we are highlighting the point that on Quora you get to know about the multitudinous thought-process, reviews, analysis of everyday-people. People belonging to varied locations, lifestyle and habits come together and share their proposition/ express themselves out.


4. SlideShare: Ever heard of a slide hosting service platform? These are the kind of websites where you can upload, view, comment and share your business slideshows. Lately Alexa and Compete Rankings termed SlideShare as the most popular slide hosting platform. This highly efficient application allows you to discover and view presentations on topics ranging from business to sports, food, fashion and what not! you are also entitled to share your favourite presentation publicly or save one to read offline; there are tonnes of other facilities too. All you need to do is just explore and implement. Slideshare is a brainchild of Microsoft Corp. and was taken over by LinkedIn group in 2012.


5. Qualaroo:  Qualaroo is an on-site polling tool that helps to collect user feedback, which you actually need in order to improvise and sharpen your business performance. Via this helpful software, you can connect your potential leads too. This tool also helps in perceiving the conversion optimization insights better. 


6. HotJar: This is a customer experience analytics platform with a variety of tools. This is a sure solution for gaining conversion optimization research too. Some of their features include:

  • Form analytics
  • On-site polls
  • Heat maps
  • Session replays

This customer analysis and feedback platform built to help you understand your users better. It provides you with an outlook on a broader level on how to leverage your website’s experience and increase both performance and conversion rates. You can have easy access to instant feedback from users, view how users are using your site, and perform the corrections based on deep insights. These features let you know your users’ online behavior and make you listen to your users’ voice more efficiently.


7. Turnstile by Wistia:   Turnstile is a brainchild of Wistia that allows you to gate videos after a certain time period had passed by. Having reached a specific time period, it calls for the visitor to make entry into their mailing system. Turnstile helps you to collect your emails seamlessly; you can build a better email list, containing all your potential clients with Wistia Turnstile. Turnstile helps you a lot in identifying high-quality leads through video. Join your account with your favorite email provider, with the addition of an email capture gate to any point. 


8. Survey Anyplace: We all know the actual purpose of surveys right? We can come to a definite result regarding anything, with the help of surveys. Besides providing you conviction apropos an examination, it also boosts your audience interaction a lot. Now Survey Anyplace is a complete survey building solution. Talking about customer satisfaction, here this software is of much help; also it is useful in various ways of lead generation like building quizzes. What Survey Anyplace does is, amalgamate seamlessly with your existing marketing stack. It helps you to drag out leads through your CRM or email marketing tool and bring forth lucrative campaigns. You get to know about your target customers’ mindset, buying behavior through their answers in those quizzes and make changes in your business accordingly.

Survey Anyplace

9. Formisimo: This tool helps in optimizing your lead generation forms. The forms inform you regarding form analytics; here all kinds of forms are included. Form Overview entails:-

  • Field Drop Off Report
  • Most Corrected Fields
  • Real-Time Report
  • Completion Time
  • Problem Fields Report
  • Fields Before Submission
  • Field Times Report

Here you get the choice to segment your reports based on the device such as desktop, mobile, or tablet. Also, the tool provides you with advice and ideas for further improvements. The Facility of data exporting and sharing with additional machines is also available here, so now coordinate with your workmate & chill!


10. Clearbit: this tool works wonders for lead generation. Also, they help you reach the contact profile data. This means no need for you to ask again and again regarding every piece of information from a long form.


Best Lead Generation Tactics:

1. Focus on Your Target Audience and Key Platforms

Suppose you are working with a reputed advertising agency, here the budget is big, eventually giving rise to all tools and operations of the highest accord. Having a jaw-dropping budget definitely gives you the position to try out-of-the-box situations, or deploy professionals at your work. You can leverage from maximum social media platforms, and captivate a larger frame of audience. But being a tiny marketing department, it expels you out from having that privilege. In that case, you only have that much time, money and labor in hand to focus on a stipulated platform. It’s you who need to first understand the correct platform, based on your industry and where your target audience is spending most of their time. You need to scrutiny that. It would also be beneficial to you if you could just find out which platform or tools are currently providing the best resources for the industry or the sector which you are in.

2. Stay on Track with an Organized Content Calendar

Documented content marketing strategy is of great help to the present day b2b marketers, more than half of the total ratio of marketers in the tandem is making use of customized content calendars to publish their content. Discipline is extremely important, especially in an erratic field like marketing in order to keep the flow and avoid errors. This is why you should be documenting your strategy and then keeping everything organized with a content calendar. Where your content calendar must be entailing focused keywords, content type, target publishing date, and any external assets. You can also keep customized content available like – images, videos, articles, etc. 

 3.  Make Your Job Easier With Content Creation Tools

As already said, in the beginning, when you are a pretty little novice in the world of marketing, obviously you won’t be having the privileges of hiring professionals or purchasing professional equipment for your marketing contents. We know how it feels when you stay far behind the race that your role models are winning with stellar photography and videography. No need to feel low, there are a sundry of low-cost, easy to use tools in the market, which are just waiting for you to get unleashed. Now you can also create visually-appealing, highly efficient content at absolutely free of cost! So do a lot of surfing, indulge yourself in the activity and grab all eyeballs towards you asap!

4. Embrace the Power of Automation

What we find in small start-ups usually, is people lacking proficiency are getting hired  in less remuneration. While this practice might benefit the business in other ways but it apparently brings down the quality of work/service being provided. Irrespective of the industry, if there are a lesser number of employees in an office it calls for automation. We cannot compromise with the quality of your work right, as that might bring the repercussions of loss in our business. This is where automation comes into play. Today there are a colossal of tools like Buffer or HootSuite to manage your social media posting schedule. Not only social media postings, but also works for even blogs too. You can set a time period for yourself, and your blog will get published automatically at that time. In today’s fast and competitive business environment, being a member of B2b Company urges you to opt for automation in order to reduce - time, cost, manual labor, errors. An automatic-oriented platform for gathering and organizing your customer data ensures future conversions too. Remember the words of Gates which says, the predominant rule to any technology used in a business is that automation applied to efficient execution, magnifies the efficiency and yielding opportunities. 

5. Welcome home mobile-friendly conversions 

You can create a mobile-friendly version of your current site too. Surely this is the age of mobile phones and a greater number of people will be attracted to your website if you give them the opportunity to surf your website through their mobile phones, apart from their desktop and laptop. In Spite of this being a simple method to increase the tractability of the website, you need to have two separate websites for the same and even maintain it systematically. This might become a bit burdening to you sometimes. Did you know that Google penalizes websites that do not operate on mobile screens?  The incompetence of your website will not only cause you a loss in a number of potential leads, but it will also impose an overall bad user interface and lower your Google rankings. There are several options to choose from, first is as already said, create and maintain a standalone system for the mobile-friendly version of your website, keep a track over its responsive. You can also take the help of the Mobile-Friendly-Test page - this will totally scan your page and let you know about the flaws and parts which are not mobile-friendly.

B2B businesses lead generation isn’t a one-size-fits-for-all thing at all! What works for a pharmaceutical company, obviously would not be working for a garments company. When you are marketing for B2B, you have to follow your ideal clients or customers blindly. If you’re looking to drive new leads to your sales team, try giving one of the ideas below a shot. 

  • Website Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Offline Strategies

Now after reading this entire blog, answer yourself why do we need the implementation of lead generation tools and tactics in our business? I mean would it be okay if we do not use it in our work. These tools and strategies have helped us immensely in shaping your art(work) and curving us towards the path of being flawless. Be it any platform, whether b2b or b2c, you have to learn and make use of the correct lead generation ingredients and implement it in your business. Your ultimate requisite is gaining revenue and captivating more and more leads. The quicker you learn the tricks, the easier it is for you. In today’s tech-savvy generation, all these are providing you an easy interface to carry out your job. You become highly acquainted with an activity apropos your field, gaining more sales and higher conversion rates, at just zero investment! yes, anything more intriguing than this?  

How can Virtuallytics enhance your business lead generation?

Virtuallytics is a newfound destination, where you get the remedies for all your lead generation related queries. Be it any industry you are in, just consult us info@virtuallytics.com and leave the rest to us. Our team members, who are adept in lead Generation, content writing, office automation, data appending, social media monitoring, social media tools will do it all to make sure your purpose it served well.



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