Color Psychology

Infographic: Color Psychology in Logo Designing & Branding

The purpose of color theory is to explain how humans perceive color. Their consecutive impacts of mixing, matching and contrasting different colors on our minds. How do we feel or emote when we see a particular color? What we find in the color theory is colors organized in a color wheel and grouped into three distinct categories- primary color, secondary color, and tertiary color. Before you begin work with the colors, like- red, blue, black, gray, white etc. you need to have a clear understanding apropos the varied colors and their implementation. According to experts, each color has something to say. 90% of your customers will decide whether to buy a product or not, based on its colors. Their buying decision is based solely on color, so a very significant part of your branding must focus on color. Color is the cornerstone that symbolizes and depicts a distinctive frame of mind. In this infographic, we have stated the various tools, renowned company logos and the moods that each color signifies. No matter how flawless you are with your content, if the display is not bright and vibrant enough it is not going to enchant enough public towards your website. Your pictorial depictions are the first thing that viewers are going to rest their eyes upon, based on that they will be heading into the inside content. Color theory has got a huge role to play in your entire branding and marketing process. It is only after gaining proper, adequate knowledge apropos colors and color schemes you are prepared to make effective branding decisions.

As already mentioned above, the buying decision of your ideal customers depends on your branding strategy. Color is the salient feature of your entire branding strategy that will decide whether the offering is going to work or not. Present day logo designers make exclusive usage of color shades to furnish/decorate their company logo. Virtuallytics offer an exclusive fixed price job for Custom Logo Design.  If you want to leverage from logo-making first learn why is it important, take a look at our latest blog Logo Designing – An important element of your business! So our advice to you is, if you are not proficient enough with the innards of logo making, then kindly consult us for any kind of need, our expert graphic designers are here to take care of your graphic-related demands. They do promise to deliver consistency, legibility, etc.