How to Start with Content Writing? - SEO Tips, Common Errors & All for 2020!

There is a palpable motive behind your business offering right? You are targeting a definite group of people whom you want to deliver/convey that message. Now how will you convey that message? Yes through the hands of the contents. Social media today has rightfully advanced the thought-process of bevy eons ahead. It is through the innumerous social postings, videos, and written articles that we get to acknowledge the various news-updates around us. Contents play a huge role in pushing your business products or business ideas. You need to maintain consistency with your desired group of customers, entailing illustrious content through various channels will help you a lot in this. It will enhance the process of your customer-engagement and keep them updated, motivated from time to time. So if you are in quest of website content writing service to enhance the value of your content on the website, increase the web traffic and drive sales, then here is a look at our Content Writing Service,  for businesses that want to leverage from varied informative blogs you can check out our Blog Writing Service and for marketers who want to indulge from a tingle of technical writing check out our Technical Writing Service. As far as the recent market studies are concerned, around 61% of content marketers today have reported their failure in producing effective content that would withhold their target audience’s interest and also satisfy the market demands. Now Virtuallytics has presented a list of requisites for you to begin with business content writing as your profession.

1. Blunders You Need to Avoid

  • Content Writing Fluff- Remember you are not here to showcase any meaningless vague content on your page. The situation should never be like; you have to display some content that is why you are uploading it. We should always focus on quality content (especially in case of writings) and its uniqueness. Your audience will never appreciate content that they couldn’t relate to or was of no help to them.
  • Using epigenetic Phrases- Refrain yourself from using too much of generic or overused phrases /quotes, etc. When a reader is coming to your website finally surfing through a hundred other ones, he or she aspires to get some real or refreshing substance on your page. Don’t serve them the same old platter of dish again and again, in this way you will lose their interest.
  • Making use of your old content - As already mentioned above, your ideal audience will always wish for something new and afresh from you. So using your old content into the making of your present one might turn out to be a huge turn off for your marketing strategy. 

2. Basic SEO Tips Any Content Writer Should Know

  • Be adept in the game of keywords as one of the present day’s content writers, the quicker you catch the SEO guidelines, the better it is for you. Starting with the headlines of your posts to the conclusion, keywords play the most significant role in uplifting the page ranking in the search engines, adding value to the content (enriching it) etc. don’t overdo it, remember to use it efficiently, when and where as required.
  • Learn to optimize your content well- URL, Metadata, headings, sub-headings, inside content, conclusion, etc. each of the elements shall be in just the correct proportion so as to appeal to your target audience better.
  • Remember a unique, relevant headline (H1) is extremely important for the content that you are preparing. The headline is the first thing that will encapsulate your target audience, so if that is not presented correctly, then the entire content is of no use! it might not even generate the desired traffic, consequently failing in performance too.
  • One more important point for content writers to keep in mind, is the creation of backlinks - yes the more you put relevant backlinks in your content, the more traffic you attract towards your post, consequently your website too. For your kind information, the volume of backlinks on a single content of yours is a straightway indication of significance or popularity of the target page. Google gives greater attention to pages with higher incoming links. Backlinks enhances both free traffic and higher ranking in Google.

3. Skills required for you  to become a Successful Content Writer

So are you willing to become a successful content writer?  Sharpen your suite of marketing tools first. Let us have a look at some of them. 

Content Writing Skills

• You must master the art of versatility- each form of writing has its own style and you as a content writer must ace out in all of them. News delivery is usually done in AP style including shorter and informal paragraphs, keeping the actual story upwards. Blogging, on the other hand, comes with a bit of personal touch to it; it is often informative, educational and opinionated. Then comes ad copies, short, illustrative and persuasive. With the long and explaining whitepapers, you can get the remedy to a difficulty.

Choose your subject wisely - the topic or subject that you write about should be chosen very wisely, it is your duty to give a new meaning and dimension to it. It begins with analytics, most ideation is done in a team setting, and this is why it is important for you to know how the professional marketing teams generate ideas and execute them to bring fruitful results. 

Focus on your ‘buyer persona’ –knowing about your ideal readers will give you a cue and help you write content that would generate traffic to your site. You will provide content that they want to read and leverage from.

• Keep a check over your business SEO- a successful SEO campaign has got the powers to drag your website up from the floors to the sky. Yes, search engine optimization is that significant, especially in content writing. This profession asks for an impeccable flow of knowledge regarding SEO. A responsible content writer always keeps up with the frequently-changing Search engine algorithms. The demand here is always for uniqueness, if you are able to create a unique content putting your perspective into it, then you are the winner.

Track your competitors- what are your competitors in the league sharing? How are their contents better than yours? Keep a track over that, learn from them, take examples from them; and implement the good ones in your business. A competitive content audit provides you with a colossal of knowledge. Check not only what your competitors are sharing, but who are they engaged with on social media. Whom are they exchanging comments with, tweeting, re-tweeting, tagging, and other activities? 

Successful content writers are original- being a content writer or a graphic designer; you need to be apt with your content-uniqueness or its originality. Plagiarism is a huge menace in your profession, stepping into its margins might impose threats to your job/profession, etc.

Know about SEO, HTML, CSS, and WordPress- Well to start with any profession you need to brush up your basics first, the same goes here as well. As WordPress themes have bountiful of automatic functions at varying levels, that is why you need to take the help of the text/HTML tab and manipulate codes to make title tags or fix spacing issues. Without clearing out the basics you cannot proceed further. 

Evolve as a social media specialist- I don’t think I need to explain how big a role social media play in your business marketing. Social media brings everything within your grasp. Now you can build your brand identity, attract the target audience, interact with various eminent personalities, read & share tones of useful information, all through just social media. All the successful writers are very much active on social media; they share a friendly, amiable relationship with their readers.

Why Content Writing is an Important Part of Marketing?

  1. Gives Old Content a New Life 
  2. Increases Search Engine Rankings 
  3. Boosts Conversions 
  4. Creates a Voice for Your Company 
  5. Helps Build Brand Awareness 
  6. Written Content Helps SEO
  7. Writing Helps Establish Your Business 
  8. Good Content Earns Links from Other Websites 
  9. Good Content Will Always Be Shared 
  10. Written Content Builds Retention

Our advice to you regarding content writing 

"The pen is mightier than the sword" -- Edward Bulwer-Lytton. The quote complies with your business marketing as well. Never underestimate the power of well-written content. If your content has the power to instigate, motivate, manipulate your desired audience, then nothing can be better than that. Be that kind of a content writer. Prepare content (through writing articles) that are provoking enough. Your target audience shall not be deviating from your deliverables. It builds a relationship with your audience and will keep them coming back to your products. Depending on the stage of your business, you shall be chalking out your marketing plans. Keep in mind all the basic guidelines mentioned above. If your business is at an intermediate level, but aren’t leveraging from content writing to the utmost of its abilities, then we advise you to take a step back, learn what is working in the market and what is not, don’t hesitate to alter or adapt to different strategies. We can assure that you will thank us later.

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